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Helical Solutions, LLC is committed to excellence in every aspect of manufacturing with emphasis on quality, service and innovation. We design and manufacture all of our tools with the end user in mind, creating application-specific tooling to suit your needs. At Helical, we strive for quality in everything we do, beginning with the highest quality carbide available. Additionally, all of our tools are inspected using the latest in optical and laser touch-free inspection equipment. We believe in 100% repeatability in performance, ensuring that our customers always receive the best tool for their job. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our consideration toward value and service, has helped us create a high performance product that is also affordable. As such, we are confident that our tools will exceed your expectations and improve your productivity. Here at Helical, your bottom line is our top priority.

Latest News

  • HEV-7

    GORHAM, ME – Helical Solutions, LLC, manufacturers of high performance carbide cutting tools, are excited to announce HEV-7 variable pitch high performance solid carbide end mill.

    The HEV-7 is built with our X47 carbide substrate, has a 7-flute variable pitch and includes our new Aplus tool coating. The non-center cutting design accommodates ramping operations and the improved core design brings greater strength.

    The HEV-7 is designed for use in steels, stainless steels, hi-temp alloys and titanium and is favoured in high efficiency tool paths.


  • HSV-4

    GORHAM, ME – Helical Solution has introduced an extensive radius and ball nose addition to their industry-proven 4 Flute Variable Pitch end mill.  The HSV-4 is designed for roughing and finishing steel and exotic materials, essentially combining two tools into the price of one.  The new HSV and HSV-RN offerings feature a complete selection of standard corner radii for added strength, and our new variable pitch ball nose for 3-D profiling and contouring.

    The HSV is designed for tough milling applications that require sufficient chip evacuation and superior tool strength.  We are pleased to have added to this popular tool family with over 250 new items!  

  • HXF Release

    GORHAM, ME – Manufacturers that machine steels and exotic materials – especially aerospace and medical titanium – now can turn to Helical Solutions’ family of HXF multi-flute end mills for finishing tools that offer smoother cutting, better finishes and optimized production time.

    The HXF and HXF-RN end mill series features corner radii for added strength and high-helix angle flutes for smoother cutting and a better finish. The tools are designed for small radial depths of cut up to 6 percent of cutter diameter and axial depths of cut up to 1 to 1.5 times cutter diameter. However, with the tool’s increased number of flutes, along with the proper use of “radial chip thinning techniques,” a customer will undoubtedly experience an increased metal removal rate and improved tool life.

    “It’s not uncommon for people to run finishing end mills a bit too slow,” says Scott Tiehen, Helical Solutions’ national sales manager. “The HXF’s multiple flute options, along with chip-thinning techniques, can really enhance their finishing operation and reduce cycle time. Of course, the final feed rates will depend on the finish requirement of the part. Customers using the HXF multi-fluted finishing end mills must also look at using high-quality tool holders that run true and induce very little run out.”

    HXF and the longer-reach, reduced-neck HXF-RN end mills are crafted of certified premium sub-micron grain carbide and feature geometries specifically engineered to cut difficult material. The tools are available with an AlTiN (titanium aluminum nitride) coating for oxidation resistance and extreme hardness for peripheral milling stainless and other steels, cast irons, titanium alloys as well as cobalt- nickel- and iron-based high-temperature alloys.

    “These tools can be used for any finishing and light (radial depth of cut) roughing at high feed rates in difficult-to-machine materials commonly found in aerospace and medical applications,” says Tiehen. “And with the higher MRR and increased tool ife they provide, our HXF tool will offer significant benefits in efficiency and cost per finished part.”

    The HXF-RN series is designed for applications requiring extended reach into pockets or machining around obstructions. The stub flute length and a reduced neck contribute to excellent tool rigidity even considering the greater tool length.

    Both the HXF and HXF-RN are available in ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾ and 1-inch cutting diameters along with a selection of 7 to 14 flutes, depending on the cutter diameter.

    Helical recommends using high-pressure coolant, flood, mist or dry milling with air blast when machining with these tools. Complete specifications and cutting parameters can be found under the “catalog” tab or by calling Helical’s technical service department.

    Helical Solutions supplies high-quality, high-performance cutting tools for aerospace, energy, medical and many other industries machining ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Founded in 2001, and already equipped with a strong standard product line, Helical also specializes in the design and application of special tool configurations. Among the variety of tools Helical has designed are coolant-thru tools, form tools, chamfer end mills, corner-rounding end mills, double-angle cutters, dovetail cutters, lollipop cutters, radius end mills and taper end mills. Helical is headquartered in Gorham, ME.

    Helical Solutions’ HXF (HXF above and HXF-RN below) family of fine-pitch, multi-flute end mills is designed to finish steels and exotics, especially titanium, with smoother cutting, better finishes and optimized production time.


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